If Nobody Shares, Nobody Learns 1/10


I am taking Tina Zita’s challenge of 10 Posts In 10 Days.  I’m hoping that it will e10-postsncourage me to focus more on putting my thinking out there and not to worry so much about whether it’s perfect or not.  My blog posts tend to be very serious in nature and almost too thought out and probably a little lengthy…sorry.  I’m just going to try and focus on sharing what’s in my head at the time and put it out there and maybe I’ll set a timer so I won’t get long winded.  And I think it’s appropriate that I use the above title for this series because ultimately, I think that’s the idea that led me to blogging.  I heard it first from Donna Fry but she has since told me that she heard it from Dean Shareski… how appropriate.  I may be a little late to this party but I just read Tina’s post today so I’m going to start from my start.  Thank you Tina for getting the ball rolling.

In my school board I’ve taken on the role of Secondary Numeracy Lead recently.  The past two years I worked as a special assignment teacher in data and technology.  I was a little apprehensive with the new role because I had started to become comfortable with the old one but that didn’t last long.  I find myself doing some of the same things that I had done for the past couple of years…sharing and learning with board staff.  It’s not all the same board staff but a lot of them are the same.  We’re just talking a lot more about mathematics now.  And I still do some work in my former role because of the relationships that I built.  I see this sharing differently now because it’s so easy to broadcast it.  It seems that I have so much more access now but that’s just because I’m more aware of where to find other’s thinking.  I choose what I want and how much I want without “keeping score”.  If my colleagues aren’t ready to put their learning out there, that’s okay but…if nobody shares, nobody learns.


One thought on “If Nobody Shares, Nobody Learns 1/10

  1. Hi Joe;

    We live in a busy world. People read all kinds of things that run through their feeds, but often don’t leave a trace during that time.

    I try, very intentionally, to comment on at least one blog every day, and if we all did that – wow – our audience would suddenly appear.

    I DO read your blog all the time. I am a math learner this year, and you always make me think, even though you don’t necessarily SEE me thinking!

    So please keep blogging – mainly for your own personal development – but for mine too!


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