An Urgency To Share And Learn 2/10


For my second post in the Tina Zita 10 Posts In 10 Days Challenge, I want to highlight some learning and sharing in a 7-12 high school in the Algoma District School Board.  They are a smaller high school that has felt the effect of declining enrollment in the north.  Last year they embarked on a journey into project-based learning as a school focus and a significant part of that journey has been Webinar Wednesdays.  They gather as a staff at lunch every Wednesday and share and learn together.  Sometimes there’s just a few of them but often it’s standing room only.  I have had the pleasure of being invited to some of these meetings to learn with them and I usually leave there quite energized from the experience.  They have gathered to discuss their PBL philosophy which shapes everything that they will do moving forward and usually the meeting ends with next steps and action items.  Today, one of the teachers showcased a number of PBL projects that they have implemented and how they used technology to better collaborate as a group and connect teachers and students in multiple classes.  Technology is a focus for the month of January for them and this was born out of an inquiry that they conducted with teachers and students at the table trying to determine what their needs would be moving forward with PBL and the Windows books that all students in grades 7-9 would receive this year.  I’m hoping soon to invite them to expand their sharing and learning online with us.  It may take some time for them to see the value but I’m confident that once they do they will feel an urgency to share and learn in the same way they do now.


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