Writing About What’s In My Head 5/10


Sitting down and putting my thoughts out there can be daunting enough.  If I didn’t write about what was in my head, I would sit for hours staring at a blank screen.  I do some of that anyway trying to figure out how to express those ideas floating around up there.  10 Posts In 10 Days has helped me to be more conscious of my experiences because I know I’m going to have to write them down at some point.  Thanks Tina.  Sometimes during the day, a blog post opportunity will hit me and I’ve almost got it written before I sit down to actually write it.  I always write about what’s in my head.  I never try to “copy” what other’s are putting out there but some of what I read will stick with me and I’ll end up writing a “spin-off” blog post.  I guess that’s why we do this.

So what’s in my head? (Oops, left the door wide open.)  It has to come from somewhere.  It comes from my experiences that I share with many of you and also some that have never been here.  My thoughts, to a certain extent, come from your head.  I have often read other’s blog posts that I had a direct influence in because I can recognize the content from a conversation we had.  That’s awesome!  The ideas that are created here often have wings and then often come back around again.  This is how we see value in sharing.  But sometimes it’s kind of lonely out here and that’s expected when I’ve been inactive.  I have noticed that the hits to my site are increasing as of late.  I guess that’s what blogging more often and responding to others will do for your blog.

After my 10th post in this series, I’m not sure that I’m going to be posting everyday like I am now but I’m pretty sure I’ll be paying closer attention to what I’m learning day-to-day.  Self-reflection to so important for all of us and it’s just as important to model for our students and families.  My family has caught me writing often during the last few days and they ask what I’m doing.  I tell them and they go on their way.  I think that they think what I’m doing is kind of like keeping a diary which is something from the Brady Bunch or something only girls do.  At some point, they’re going to ask why I’m doing this.  So I’ll tell them, “I’m just writing about what’s in my head…if you read it, it will get into your head.”


2 thoughts on “Writing About What’s In My Head 5/10

  1. What a great closing line and example for your kids! I have felt the same way. As I’m writing daily I definitely am paying more attention to my surroundings whether it is something I’m reading or a comment I hear. Thanks for jumping in to the 10 days.

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