To Victory Lap Or Not 6/10


I’m writing a series of posts as part of a post challenge put out by Tina Zita.  It’s called 10 Posts In 10 Days.

When students are in their grade 12 year in high school in Ontario, there’s a burning question that they wrestle with for the better part of the year.  Should I graduate and go back to high school for another year or should I move onto a post secondary pathway?  In my parts, we call a fifth year in high school a “victory lap”.  I’ve heard a lot of the pros and cons for both sides of this debate and I think students ultimately need to make their own decision on this.  It’s really only one year and if things don’t really work out like they planned, so what.  How many times have we heard the argument that a two or a three-year college degree is a better choice than a university degree because you can get out into the real world and start earning some money a year or two earlier?  So does that mean an extra year in university is wasted?

What is the best way to train for a career?  Should this process be on a timeline?  Does our system adequately prepare our youth for their futures?  I’m not sure I can answer all of this here but I think one thing is for sure.  Our students and children need to be encouraged to do something they enjoy so they can be happy doing it.  They have a lot of living in front of them and if they choose a career that’s going to make them lots of money or improve their status but make them miserable, they may have less living to do than they think.  So if it takes them some time to figure that out, so be it.  As long as the time they take is productive in terms of exploring or researching or experiencing different things that they might like to do, that’s not wasted time.


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