10 Posts In 10+ Days 7/10


Well, I fell off the Tina Zita 10 Posts In 10 Days wagon but I’m back on.  To finish off this series, I’m now calling it 10 Posts in 10+ Days.  I’m going to the office to get a late slip… I’m going to get a note from my parents… I’m going to serve detention.  I really love this idea of keeping myself accountable because I have to reach that magic number 10 post.  I’m seeing the value in a short burst of intensive work to sharpen skills.  But I’m not going to rush to number 10 because obviously, I need a little more time.  Sometimes, we’ll see a better product when we allow a little more time.  Sometimes, a little more time is necessary to shape better understanding.  Sometimes, more time is necessary for learning.


One thought on “10 Posts In 10+ Days 7/10

  1. No late slip needed. Funnily enough I needed an extra day myself. I know Jen and I were talking about that. Pushes are good but we need to make them our own. I have definitely let go of some of my perceived limitations with the challenge. The perfection or having a solid artifact of learning I can point someone to (aka someone smarter than me said this too). Thanks for doing this together. It kept me going.

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