Up For Another Challenge? 10/10


How appropriate that I use my last blog post contribution to Tina Zita’s 10 Posts In 10 Days to highlight Donna Fry’s Showing Our Love For Bloggers Challenge.  From one challenge to the next – isn’t that what we want our students to do?  Thank you Donna and Tina for inspiring me to keep this going.

Donna’s challenge is a little different though.  We are committing to commenting 5 times (or more) on Ontario educator blogs between now and February 14 and tweeting a link to those comments with an appropriate hashtag.  Click on the link above and all the details are there including suggestions and guidelines on how to leave good comments.  See all of you there!



One thought on “Up For Another Challenge? 10/10

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Joe!

    We all need a little nudge to sit down and write. It helps to feel like we are part of a group who is trying to accomplish something together.

    We want to encourage all educators to open their practice so that we can all learn to do better work for each and every one of the children in our care.

    More on open practice here: http://dmlcentral.net/importance-working-open-education/

    Thanks for modelling it!

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